Are You Missing Expensive Yard Equipment?

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – If you're missing any expensive yard equipment or power tools, The Investigator, Tom Meyer, might know where you can find them.

It's an investigation that you could have only seen on Action News.

Members of a local theft ring have been targeting homeowners with open garage doors.

Police have confiscated so many stolen items that they have their own garage which houses truckloads of stolen goods, primarily power tools and yard equipment.

"It's easy to turn over," acting Lakewood Police Chief Doug Sabala said. "People are always looking for this kind of stuff. Usually, it's not marked by the homeowner and it's not easy to get recoveries on."

The theft ring looted garages in Cleveland and Lakewood.

Thieves took circular saws, chainsaws, ladders, lawn mowers, weed-wackers, drill presses, drill bits, portable heaters, Shop-Vacs and air compressors. They even made off with an expensive laser level.

So far, police have arrested Carlos Soto and Philip Langsam. The Investigator caught up with Langsam in Lakewood, but all that he would say is "no comment."

Langsam admitted to police that the stolen goods wound up at Peoples Choice, a secondhand store on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland.

Action News found the store's operator, Willie Farley, had an arrest record for theft, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property and drug trafficking. Farley had also done some time in state prison.

Langsam could be doing time, if he's convicted.

"I'm really sorry for what they had to endure," Langsam finally said of the victims.

As the case heads to court, police are trying to return all of the stolen property that they have seized to their rightful owners.