Woman Sues Six Flags Over Roller Coaster Injuries

AURORA, Ohio (AP) - A Wisconsin woman struck in the face by an object while riding a Six Flags Worlds of Adventure roller coaster sued the amusement park.

Terri Wang of Grafton, Wis., suffered a fractured skull and a broken nose. Her lawsuit said she had surgery to relieve pressure on her brain and her forehead was rebuilt.

The lawsuit filed last week in Portage County Common Pleas Court said that Six Flags had been notified four times before Wang's injury that people were throwing rocks at the roller coaster.

Wang said she was sitting in the back seat of the Villain with her niece when she felt something slam into her face about halfway through the ride.

On May 12, June 2, June 5 and June 8 of 2000, Six Flags was notified that people were throwing rocks at the roller coaster, according to the lawsuit.

At the time the accident occurred on July 2, 2000, it was believed that Wang was struck by the cell phone of another passenger on the Villain.

According to the lawsuit, Wang has permanent injuries, including headaches.

Park spokeswoman Shannon Pak said Six Flags was unaware of the lawsuit and could not comment on its allegations. She said Wang's injuries were not ride-related.

Six Flags is accused of negligence and emotional distress. Wang and her family are seeking compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $25,000.

Oklahoma City-based Six Flags Inc. operates 38 amusement parks nationwide.

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