Devastating Fire Destroys Everything In Its Path

CLEVELAND – A devastating house fire on Cleveland's east side destroyed virtually every belonging that two families had, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

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Deadly flames and billowing smoke from a two-story house on East 65th Street was the terrifying vision that Lashawn Kitchen saw after a friend woke her up with a desperate knock at the door.

"Flames were just bursting through the windows, and the windows were just falling down at the same time we were coming out watching it," Kitchen said.

Luckily, Kitchen's son and daughter were with relatives on Wednesday.

The woman who lives upstairs from Kitchen also got out safely with her three children.

"Everybody's OK," property owner Adib Halabi said. "Thank God for that."

Halabi said that he doesn't know when he'll be able to open up his store in the front of the burned building -- Mean's Market. He said that his insurance will help repair the mess, but the fire is hard to take because he just finished a home-improvement project.

"We just spent over $8,000 on the outside, we put on a new roof, new siding," Halabi said. "It's all gone. It's hard to see this. It's so hard."

Inside the burned-out home, some signs of normal everyday life could be seen, like a cereal box and a basketball. However, water was dripping all over the kitchen table.

Outside, fire investigators combed the yard looking for clues to what caused the fire.

"It's destroyed," Kitchen said. "It's terrible. We're homeless now. We need help. If anyone sees or hears this, I am looking for a place to stay for me and mine."