Man Says Jail Improperly Booked Him As Woman

LORAIN, Ohio (AP) - A Lorain County jail inmate booked as a woman says that he's really a man.

The jail charged him under the name Carla Brenner with stealing and using a credit card more than seven years ago.

The 42-year-old has insisted, however, that his given name is Lemont Fullers. He said that he uses other names while traveling across the country working as a female impersonator.

Sgt. Dominic Manacci said that Fullers has been placed in isolation to give the jail time to investigate.

Fullers was indicted in Lorain County in 1995. He was extradited to Lorain this year after authorities discovered that he was serving time in a women's prison in Illinois under the name Carry Rodgers.

A prison spokesman said that the issue of his gender arose there as well. He would only say that Fullers was "appropriately placed."

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