Cleveland Lawyer: Williams Asked To Be Cremated

HERNANDO, Fla. (AP) - Ted Williams asked in his will to be cremated and have the ashes scattered over the Florida Keys, the lawyer for a daughter of the baseball great said Tuesday.

John Heer, attorney for Williams' oldest daughter, Barbara Joyce Williams Ferrell, said lawyers for Ted Williams' estate told him about the contents of the will. Heer hadn't seen the will himself.

The daughter has accused her half brother, John Henry Williams, of having their father's body frozen, perhaps to sell DNA from it.

The brother has not returned repeated calls seeking comment.

The estate lawyers planned to ask a judge Tuesday or Wednesday to decide if Williams' body should be cremated or frozen, a move to try to resolve the family feud over the remains.

"All versions were consistent that he wanted to be cremated and his ashes would have been spread over the Florida Keys," Heer said from his Cleveland office.

Pam Price and Bill Boyles, attorneys for Williams' estate, didn't immediately return a phone call to their Orlando office.

Williams, the last major league hitter to bat better than .400 in a season, died Friday at age 83.

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