Authorities: Couple Used Daughter As Prostitute

CLEVELAND - Police believe that there was sex for sale in a Cleveland neighborhood, and now they think that they've found a connection between the couple arrested and a local massage parlor, Action News' Ed Gallek reported.

It's the latest development in a story that Action News broke on Tuesday night when it had the only cameras rolling during the police bust.

In the phone book, you'll find an establishment called Cindy's Massage Parlor. Police said they believe that a husband and wife ran that business and a prostitution ring out of their home near the intersection of Warner Road and Rosewood Avenue on the city's southeast side. If that wasn't bad enough, police said they think that the couple used their own teen-age daughter as one of the prostitutes.

Action News cameras caught Sherry and Brian Strunk as they were getting hauled off to jail.

Gallek asked Sherry (pictured being led out of the house, above) what was going on in the house, but she just denied the allegations, calling them "false," and saying that there's "no prostitution in there."

After being told some of their neighbors said that they've seen a lot of late-night activity at their house, Sherry responded by saying, "We have a lot of friends."

A relative, however, told police the Strunks used their own 14-year-old daughter as a prostitute. The relative said that the mother and father made the teen give massages and sexual performances, giving and receiving sex from unknown adult males for money.

Another woman told police that the Strunks set up appointments from 7 a.m. to midnight.

In addition to that, a police report ties the massage parlor business to the Strunks' home as well.

Sex crimes detectives seized piles of dirty pictures and dirty videotapes. Many neighbors that witnessed the raid, including John Franczek, said that they were not surprised.

"Lots of people were coming and going (at the house) at weird hours of the night," Franczek said.

Police said they believe that the 14-year-old girl was not the only teen involved.

The Strunks are currently in jail, but they have not been hit with any charges yet. The Cleveland Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit continues to investigate.