Traficant Hearing Quotes

Quotes regarding the House ethics panel finding Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., D-Ohio, guilty of nine ethics violations:

"Probably with my two hands. I may throw some karate shots in there. Actually, my body is a lethal, lethal weapon." - Traficant, on how he plans to defend himself before his colleagues.

"My following has basically been the small people. ... I have friends in low places, and the people of this institution have never supported me. I have never been supported by the major newspaper in my town, ever. I've never been supported, basically, by the Ohio Democratic Party, who didn't want me. The congressional delegation I was elected to actually said that they didn't want me. I don't think anybody wanted me." - Traficant, on the House ethics committee decision finding him guilty of nine ethics violations.

"I have nothing against Congress, but Congress probably does what they think is the best for themselves. And I don't blame anybody for controlling me. After all, I'm the kind of candidate that looks to be controlled. I'm very dangerous. I open my mouth. I speak to what I think happens and it bothers people. And I won't stop doing that." - Traficant, on his feelings about the House proceedings against him.

"My name will appear on the ballot. I want the people back home to know that they can vote for me. And it would be an unusual situation in American history, the first in American history I think, and I'm going to make this statement: I can run. I can operate and function as effectively as any member of Congress from behind bars." - Traficant, on his plans to seek re-election in the fall.

"We'd rather not sit in judgment on a colleague." - House ethics chairman Joel Hefley, R-Colo.

"There wasn't a shred of partisanship in this at all. Jim's a Democrat who has identified in more recent times with Republican Party. He voted for Speaker Hastert, for instance. So, that part of it, you didn't think of him as a partisan person." - Hefley, on whether the committee decision regarding Traficant's guilt fell along party lines.

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