Traficant Violations Of House Rules

Violations of House ethics rules by Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., D-Ohio, as determined by a subcommittee of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct:

Count One
Receiving from Anthony Bucci, Robert Bucci and companies in their control free labor and materials for his horse farm in exchange for his using his official influence on their behalf.

Count Two
Accepting free labor and materials from Honey Creek Contracting Co. and its owner, Arthur Sugar, in return for several favors.

Count Three
Accepting numerous meals, use of automobiles and money for repairs to his boat from John Cafaro, whose U.S. Aerospace Group was seeking Traficant's help in seeking Federal Aviation Administration certification of the company's laser-guided aircraft landing technology.

Count Four and Five
Hiring on his congressional staff Allen Sinclair in exchange for favors, including preferential rental rates for office space and kickbacks of $2,500 from Sinclair's monthly congressional paychecks.

Count Six
Trying to persuade Sinclair to destroy evidence and provide false testimony to a federal grand jury.

Count Seven
Requiring his congressional staff in Washington to maintain and repair his personal boat and directing members of his congressional staff in Ohio to perform work at his farm.

Counts Eight and Nine
Reporting with his wife to the IRS income of $138,985 in 1998 and $140,163 in 1999 when the amount was substantially greater.

The subcommittee dismissed a 10th count alleging that Traficant engaged in an ongoing pattern of behavior through mail fraud related to the other counts.

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