Lakefront Development Plans Moving Forward

CLEVELAND (AP) - A plan for the city's lakefront would open two new parks and connect them with bike paths to the Towpath Trail along the Cuyahoga River.

Mayor Jane Campbell (pictured giving speech about project, right) said she plans to make the improvements within two years.

"It's important that we do something while planning the big adventure," Campbell told The Plain Dealer,referring to more extensive development of land near Lake Erie.

Campbell recently concluded a series of public hearings about the city's lakefront.

The Plain Dealer reported that Campbell and Gov. Bob Taft planned to announce on Friday that the Ohio Department of Transportation will provide the design work for a tree-lined boulevard to replace the Shoreway, a highway near the lake shore.

The goal is to move the Shoreway south and build a lakefront boulevard that connects to neighborhoods via bridges over the railroad tracks.

The plan would open nearly 400 waterfront acres for parks, homes, stores and restaurants.

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