Woman With Similar Name As Suspect Keeps Getting Nabbed

CLEVELAND (AP) - Betty Horton has a squeaky clean record. So why has the 44-year-old mother been arrested and handcuffed three times in the last eight months?

Police keep confusing Betty Horton with Bettie Horton -- a 37-year-old with a year-old arrest warrant on drug charges. The two Cleveland women spell their names differently, but the wanted woman has used many aliases and birthdates.

The older Horton carries a card from the Cuyahoga County's sheriff's office proclaiming her clean record. But that didn't stop her most recent arrest on Saturday during a traffic stop.

Horton was first arrested last winter while renewing her driver's license, and again in June while trying to visit a jail inmate.

Sheriff's department officials apologized, but said that officers must do their jobs.

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