Neighbors Want Stinky House Torn Down

LORAIN, Ohio – Residents who live near a condemned house in one Lorain neighborhood have been holding their collective noses, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

That's because the house on Idaho Avenue attracts wild animals like skunks. Neighbors said that the smell is so bad that they won't be happy until the stinky house is torn down.

Mike Mason lives in a neat, well-kept home, but all that he has to do is look out his window to be staring straight at a real eyesore. He said that it's been that way for the past three years.

Weeds choke the yard in front of the condemned house and old newspapers litter the front steps. Also, the side door is wide open -- an invitation for party-seeking teens and wild animals like possums, raccoons and skunks.

"They're out at night," Mason said. "I sat out on the Fourth of July, watching them run across the street back and forth, and it's not just one, it's numerous skunks.

"I'm not real thrilled with it, especially when the wind is out of the north and it's blowing into the house."

After the house caught fire three years ago, its property owner, Richard Keener, moved out. Lorain's Health Department convinced a judge to declare the house a public health nuisance.

Just as demolition was being scheduled, however, Keener declared bankruptcy, and the demolition was delayed.

"This is new to us … when a bankruptcy court has walked in the middle of our proceedings," Health Department spokesman Jack Kurowski said. "Until we sort everything out, it may take some time."

Some time is too much time for Mason and his neighbors.

"It's a nice neighborhood to live in and the people don't deserve to look at this daily," Mason said.

The Health Department now promises to board up the house and secure it within a couple of days. It hopes to demolish the place in a couple of months.

Action News will follow up when the structure is finally demolished.