Vice Unit Cracks Down On Bar Sex Parties

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - A new vice unit is cracking down on sex parties at a neighborhood bar.

Tom Meyer, The Investigator, had the Action News investigation that you couldn't see anywhere else.

Outside, the Emery-Green Lounge in Warrensville Heights looks like a typical neighborhood bar. Inside, on some nights, police said that it was anything but normal.

Police said that they took photos during an undercover investigation that show completely naked women serving the bar's male clientele more than just alcohol.

"They call it a 'freak party' because it's a sex show," Warrensville Heights Police Det. Mike McKeon said. "The girls are paid to perform sex acts."

Police said that the establishment, also known as "The Bar," held regular sex parties featuring nude women and illegal drugs.

"The girls indicated it was based on performance," McKeon said. "The more daring the performance, the more money they received."

The owner, Walter Macon, also known as "Walt Daddy Love," was indicted on obscenity charges.

The city's new vice squad is on a mission to clean up illegal activity, especially in residential neighborhoods. Neighbors said that they are pleased with the mission.

"No, I don't want it in my neighborhood," one local resident said. "I wouldn't want it in anyone's neighborhood."

Daddy Love's bar is next to a Family Dollar store with homes and a school just a stone's throw away.

The doors to the bar are open now, but that could change real soon. Police said that they want to shut it down, calling it a neighborhood nuisance.

"If you involve that kind of vice, invariably trouble follows," McKeon said.

Police said that they are trying to make sure that doesn't happen.

Macon told Action News that he's innocent of all charges. He also said that he has evidence of Warrensville Heights police officers selling drugs.

Police said they believe that Macon is just upset over his indictment, but said that they'll investigate his allegations if he comes forward.