Tape Shows Judge Candidate Being Arrested

CLEVELAND – A lawyer who wants you to elect him to be a county judge was caught on tape being arrested for driving drunk, Action News' Tom Meyer reported.

It's video that you could have only seen on Action News.

Action News obtained the police videotape through the Ohio Open Records Law.

The video shows Cleveland patrolman Jim Simone following a motorist who he said was weaving in and out of traffic. Simone followed the vehicle from Cleveland to Westlake.

The driver turned out to be Mark Miller, a lawyer and Republican candidate for Cuyahoga County Judge. Miller's campaign literature touts his integrity and common sense.

Simone arrested Miller on charges of drunken driving and reckless operation. Miller had been attending his own campaign fundraiser at a West 25th Street restaurant.

Miller said that he doesn't know how much he had to drink. He said that he wasn't counting.

Since Miller refused a sobriety test, he faces an automatic one-year driving suspension. Following his release from city jail, he had to be driven to The Plain Dealer for an endorsement interview before the editorial board.

The incumbent, Judge Nancy Russo, said that this is Miller's third drunken driving arrest, one of which was dismissed. The charge on the second arrest was reduced, and he's pleading not guilty to the most recent offense.

When Miller was in the backseat of the police cruiser, he can be heard on the tape telling Simone that there was a wad of cash in his suit jacket. Simone checked it out and found only a few bucks.

While Miller admitted to drinking that night, he has denied being impaired. Miller denied a request made by Action News to interview him, but he said that he would fight the charges in court.