Westlake: Armed Thugs Sexually Assault Woman

Westlake, OH - Police are searching for the four suspects involved in an overnight home invasion.

The armed thugs forced their way into the Courtland Meadows home just before 2AM Thursday morning.

Once inside, they demanded money from the 26-year-old resident. The suspects repeatedly pointed their firearms at her and her 3-year-old son while ransacking the house. They also repeatedly groped the woman and threatened to rape her. All suspects appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

The victim and her child fled to a neighbor's home when she had a chance to escape. No getaway vehicle was seen and the suspects also fled. A list of stolen property is incomplete, although a diamond watch and Prada jacket are known to have been taken.

Police describe the suspects as:

Suspect #1- black male 5'10", slender build, approx. 180-200lbs, medium brown skin, close-cropped hair, full lips, bloodshot eyes, approx. 25-30 years old. Displayed black, full size, semi-automatic handgun with wooden grip plates. Wore black t-shirt and blue jeans

Suspect#2- black male 5'6", 190lbs., light brown skin, hair in braids not past ears, approx. 26-27 years old. Wore black t-shirt with paint splashes on it and blue jeans. Had a black "dew" rag on his head initially, but he took it off during the robbery. Displayed a full size black semi-automatic handgun.

Suspect#3- black male 5'9", 210lbs, stocky (not muscular) build, "360" hairstyle (wavy). 28-years-old. Wore black t-shirt, blue jeans, purple gloves.

Suspect#4- black male 5'6", 180lbs, slender build, 21-years old, close cropped hair, full lips, medium dark skin. Wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans, purple gloves.