Taft Wants To Set Up Alert System For Abducted Children

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Gov. Bob Taft is looking into establishing a statewide system similar to California's Amber Alert for quickly publicizing child abductions.

Spokesman Joe Andrews said Tuesday that Taft has instructed aides to see what it will take to set up an alert system.

Amber Alert has received a lot of attention recently after being implemented in two abduction cases.

Tips led police in California to two teenagers 12 hours after they were abducted earlier this month. On Tuesday, a 4-year-old girl abducted in Los Angeles was found safe at a medical clinic after an employee recognized her.

Kristie Kosdrosky of the Ohio attorney general's office says a statewide system wouldn't be expensive, but it would take time to put together.

"This utilizes the emergency broadcast system, which is already in place," she said. "Implementing it isn't so easy. It's a matter of getting all these agencies on the same page."

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