Editorial Reply: Lynne Joy Rogers

I'm Lynne Joy Rogers responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on tax breaks for film production companies.

If they can get what they need, film producers prefer to use local vendors rather than incur high shipping costs. A local vendor would probably have less than ten employees. However, the restaurant/hotel or service industry represents 21% of the low-to-no skilled jobs. With tips and wages, the dollars stimulating those businesses would have a greater economic impact than equipment rental.

Tax breaks should be given if the benefits outweigh the taxes generated. If tax breaks can create new industries and positive PR, then let's not be penny wise and dollar-foolish.

Cleveland is the second poorest city with the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. In thirty years, we've been a city in decline going from third to below twenty in corporations headquartered here, and from the ninth media market to the seventeenth.

With all of our negatives, we need to improve our image. What better PR than to have celebrities say Cleveland