Surprise: Pulling Sick-Day Proposal Has Benefits

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - It seemed nothing would stop a proposal mandating seven paid sick days a year for most Ohio workers from getting on the November ballot.

But then political considerations triumphed over policy, derailing an issue supporters are still convinced would have been a success at the ballot box. On Thursday, Ohioans for Healthy Families announced they were going to pull the issue from the ballot, citing their reluctance to engage in what would be a divisive campaign.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland were on opposite sides of the sick-day issue in the state. It was a wedge that Republicans have attempted to drive between them, pushing Strickland to ask Obama to denounce the proposal as a job-killer.

Strickland has told the sick-day proponents he will help lobby for the policy on the national level.