Widow Says Husband Wasn't Anti-Police

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) - The widow of a man who killed a Massillon police officer and was killed when another officer shot back said that her husband felt strongly about individual rights, but he wasn't out to harm officers.

Catherine Matthews said that her 61-year-old husband, Donald Matthews, wasn't anti-police.

Donald was president of the National Constitutional Academy, a group that opposes traffic laws and doesn't believe a state trooper has the authority to stop a vehicle or demand to see a driver's license.

Police said that Matthews had bragged at least twice in the last few years that he would kill police if they tried to stop him.

His wife told The Akron Beacon Journal that Matthews wasn't associated with a militia.

Matthews' funeral was Monday in Jackson Township. The funeral for Massillon patrolman Eric Taylor is scheduled for Friday.

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