Editorial: The Memory Of 9-11

Cleveland, OH - We commemorate once again this week that horrific day - September 11th 2001. The day when Islamic terrorists, piloting hijacked airliners, brought down the Twin Towers in New York crashed another plane into the Pentagon and a third into a field in Pennsylvania.   They killed thousands of Americans that day and, inarguably, changed the character of our nation for at least a generation, if not forever.

Gone in a flash was any notion that we were safe in our own spaces, in our own country, protected somehow from the malignant hatred that had set most of the Middle East aflame but until 9/11 had not produced catastrophe on our shores.  As the years roll by, the awful memories of that day will recede and the danger, of course, is that our national resolve to defeat this terror will wane as well.

While the occupation of Iraq winds down, it is likely that the war in Afghanistan will heat up and may well spread into Pakistan where al Qaeda has fortified itself. Our determination to take the battle to the terrorists for as long as it takes will be tested in the years ahead. For that reason, let's hope that September 11th remains seared in our memory.