Ohio GOP Sues To Block Early Voting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio Republicans are challenging the state's top elections official, a Democrat, with allegations of power abuse. Democrats counter that Republicans are trying to suppress the vote.

Sen. John McCain's campaign helped thousands of people request absentee ballots. But Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner says many of them forgot to check a box attesting that they are registered voters.

Brunner offered a fix to the McCain-enlisted voters today on the Internet, where there is a form that can be printed mailed back.

Republicans and McCain's top campaign official in the state objected. State GOP Chairman Bob Bennett said Brunner was adding another layer of bureaucracy to complicate the process.

On a separate issue, Republicans sued Brunner, asking the Ohio Supreme Court to block what amounts to same-day voting during a Sept. 30-to-Oct. 6 window.

The GOP says the law -- approved by a Republican Legislature and signed by former Gov. Bob Taft -- requires a person to be registered for 30 days to get an absentee ballot. But this year voting begins on Sept. 30, even though the deadline to register is not until Oct. 6.