So Close: Crews Restore Power To 90% Of Storm Victims

NOON UPDATE: First Energy made some major progress overnight restoring power to tens of thousands of customers.

At 12PM, 90% of First Energy customers have power restored.

There are 117,000 customers without electricity for all First Energy customers throughout Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

First Energy has 2,800 crews working around the clock - pulling 16-hour shifts.

First Energy prioritizes what they work on first:

  • They have to respond to all downed lines to determine if they are live wires or not (this takes time, but they must check all downed wires for safety reasons)
  • They go to the areas where they can get the most customers back up and running in the quickest amount of time.
  • First Energy asks all customers without power to call the automated system to make sure the outage is reported, 1-888-544-4877. Call even if you think somebody else in the area has already called, because the system can update and that will help them determine how many people in the area are without power.

Despite the progress, crews still believe it will take until at least Friday evening to get everyone back online.

Also, First Energy customers can go to any Buehlers or Giant Eagle grocery store and receive two complimentary gallons of water and a bag of ice.

Check out your power status HERE

First Energy urging everyone to stay away from downed wires in their neighborhoods.