Madison Local School District Issues Boil Alert

Madison, OH - Following this week's storm, the Madison Local School District has addressed the issue of possibly compromised water being supplied to each of its buildings.

In response to a statement from the Lake County Department of Utilities calling for a 24-hour Boil Alert, drinking fountains in every building have been either turned off or covered with plastic and tape to prevent students from being tempted to take a sip.

To help quench student thirst during the fountain ban, the District delivered bottled water to each of the buildings along with a supply of paper cups this morning.

Water stations have been set up in nurses' offices or other locations in the schools so students can have a drink.

The District expects there to probably be an all day water ban on drinking fountains, as test results from water samples won't be released until at least 3PM today.

In addition to the fountain ban, each of the school kitchens will prepare meals today without using water out of the tap.