Akron Adds Curb Service Pick-Up To Aid Storm Victims

Akron, OH - The widespread interruption of electrical power to greater Akron has left citizens with more than a few complications to their daily routine.

The City of Akron Department of Public Service is responding by assisting with additional curb service pickups added to its schedule this week.

"Because so many people have food that spoiled," said Public Service Director Rick Merolla, "we are going to double up on some of our regular routes this week to help them."

Beginning Thursday, September 18, Akron sanitation crews will not only do their normal curb service and recycling routes, but will also revisit every customer whose regular pickup day is Monday.

Deputy Service Director John Valle emphasizes that for Monday customers, the City is offering this service mainly for any food they need to discard.

"We had quite a few citizens call and suggest this," said Valle. "It's a good idea. So on Thursday, we'll go back and do another pickup for Monday customers, and Friday we'll double back and get our Tuesday customers."

"It isn't a good thing for anyone to have to have spoiled food stay around another week," added Merolla.

For the extra pickup to Monday/Tuesday customers, crews will only take what is in the customers' trash carts.

Thursday's curb service will include Monday customers.

Friday's service will include Tuesday customers.

Crews will also continue their pickup of lawn debris that was created by Sunday evening's gusty winds. Smaller limbs, twigs etc. must be placed in bundles no longer than four feet. They can be placed next to trash carts for pickup.