What Happened Behind Closed Doors?

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - It's a whodunit that has everyone in the community asking: What happened behind closed doors? Thugs broke into a mansion belonging to a Shaker Heights stockbroker, beat him and stole some of his valuable personal belongings, Action News' Ed Gallek reported.

Kevin O'Donnell's desperation can be heard on the audiotape of the 911 call that he made after the intruders left him bloodied in his own home. Police released the tape on Monday.

Action News also uncovered some information that could lead authorities to establish a possible motive for the attack, which happened in a neighborhood known for privilege, privacy and peace.

Court records show that O'Donnell (pictured, above) had a lot of business enemies because of his dealings as a stockbroker and investment adviser. More than 100 people are currently suing him, saying that they lost millions of dollars.

Is there a connection between the lawsuits and the attacks? Police don't know yet, but they are sure taking a hard look.

"I woke up and I was in my room. I wrestled with them," O'Donnell told the 911 operator. "They started pistol-whipping me and cracked my skull open.

"They were trying to tie me up and beat me, and I kept my head down."

O'Donnell was bleeding and in pain when he called police to his estate on South Park Road at 5 a.m. last Wednesday.

"Three black males," he told the operator. "I think they pulled off in a sport utility (vehicle). All were armed. They were all armed.

"I'm hurt bad."

O'Donnell is also the brother of network news reporter Kelly O'Donnell, who spoke for her brother on Sunday.

"Now that the initial horror of what happened to him is over, it's not just, 'Thank God he's alive,'" Kelly said. "Now, he's angry. Now, we want them caught."

Action News has learned that the attackers broke into the mansion through a screened porch and a window. They got away with Kevin's SUV, along with money, computer equipment and jewelry.

Police found the vehicle just blocks away, but they have not found the bad guys yet, and they said that they have no solid leads.

Police officials said that they don't know if the intruders targeted O'Donnell because of his business dealings, but they did seal some of his business records. O'Donnell's attorney told Action News that his client is fighting the lawsuits and that he knew of no threats.