Storm Help: Assistance Offered To Low-Income Storm Victims

STARK COUNTY - Due to the wind disaster that occurred this past Sunday, Sept. 14, the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services announces disaster assistance for Stark County residents, who are current recipients of the Food Stamp program, or those who are not Food Stamp participants and meet certain eligibility criteria.

Current Food Stamp Recipients

Residents who are current Food Stamp consumers who were certified and receiving Food Stamps as of Sept. 14, 2008, can apply for replacement of Food Stamp benefits for the cost of lost food up to the full benefit amount issued for the month of September.

Low Income Residents

Residents who suffered a loss due to the high winds may also be eligible for disaster assistance. Limited funds are available for families and elderly or disabled individuals who are at or under 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Those deemed elderly residents are individuals age 55 or over and without minor child(ren). Those considered disabled (without minor children) are current recipients of disability benefit payments such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability, VA Disability, PERS Disability, Railroad Retirement Disability, Black Lung Benefits, etc.

Services available under this program include:

1) Replacement of food (for non-Food Stamp recipients) lost due to power outage. A voucher for food will be available for $100 for a household of one, $150 for a household of two, or $200 for a household of three or more.

2) Reimbursement up to $200 if forced to relocate due to the wind disaster. To be eligible, persons must have a verified medical need, or were unable to reside in the home due to the unavailability of water/sewage.

3) Payment up to $250 for structural damage to the residence for homeowners.

Limited funds have been allocated for Stark County. Services for eligible residents will be issued until funds are depleted.

How to apply

Food Stamp recipients and Stark County's families, elderly and disabled individuals can apply at one of the agency's buildings: Midtown Plaza, 221 3rd Street S.E. in Canton; JOBS and Child Care, 800 30th Street N.W. in Canton; or the Alliance Office, 405 South Linden Avenue in Alliance. Consumers may also call (330) 452-4661 to request the forms through the mail.


(AP) - Officials say Ohio disaster assistance and extra food stamps are available for needy victims of this week's wind storm and power outages.

The state Department of Job and Family Services says families that can provide evidence of need may qualify for assistance of up to $1,500, while elderly and disabled Ohioans may be eligible for a payment of as much as $750.

Applications are being taken at county job and family services offices.

The department also says food stamp recipients can replace provisions that spoiled due to a blackout. But they have to submit a form for the additional benefits.