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STOP! Before you purchase windows for your home, you should know:

Not all vinyl/wood replacement windows are the same. You must look for FULL-metal reinforcement, unplasticized vs. plasticized PVC casings, certifications and labels on product, Insulation Values, Who will install your new windows,  and warranties.

1. FULL-metal Re-Some window companies place a flat metal insert  in the meeting rail sash so and claim their window is "metal reinforced". Very misleading! The window must be FULL-metal to ensure long term performance, and avoid locks that do not lock properly, out-of-alignment weather seals, and windows that do not open with ease. (If  a salesman tells you their vinyl is so strong it doesn't need metal reinforcement, shop elsewhere!

2. Look for UNplasticized PVC casings, or uPVC, which is 8 times more impact resistant and has 1/8 of the expansion rate of plasticized, or PVC. You can see and feel the difference. All Stanek Windows are made with the highest grade uPVC.

3. Always ask to SEE a copy or documentation that windows are certified and meet performance requirements, as per the National Fenestration Rating Council and ENERGY STAR. Labels should be attached to the product; otherwise it may not be certified. (show logos-Dave Kiehl should have these)

4. Looking to save money on your energy bills? Windows cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Do rooms in your home vary in temperature?  Insulation is key.

A.   R-value=compares insulation values. The higher, the better.

5. Heat Mirror Technology: Up to 70% of energy loss occurs in windows/door, and 90% through the glass. Stanek windows contain a polyester film suspended inside the insulating glass unit, which is invisible to the naked eye. It reflects heat BACK to your home in the winter, and in the summer it reflects heat FROM outdoors. This also filters UV rays to prevent fading of carpet and furniture, and insulates against sound.

6. The window installation is just as important as the window itself. If not installed correctly, window will perform poorly and may not be covered by the warranty. Many warranties protect the window company and installer, but NOT the homeowner. Stanek offers a lifetime 100% warranty on product AND labor, plus 10-year transferable warranty to the new owner, should you sell your home.