Editorial: Politics & Religion

As with politics, arguing about religion is not recommended for most of us - it spoils dinner parties and it's dangerous when practiced by amateurs. Even career politicians, men and women skilled in the art of argumentative discourse sometimes find themselves upended when they try to tackle religion. That's what happened recently to two democratic party big wigs who took it upon themselves to interpret Catholic teaching while trying to parse their positions on abortion.

Most recently, VP Candidate Joe Biden, who is a Catholic, said on meet the press that determining when life begins is a personal and private matter of religious faith. That statement came as a big surprise to Catholic bishops who had to remind Senator Biden that the church teaches that life begins at conception, not as a matter of faith, but as an objective fact.

Just last month, a chorus of Bishops had to scold Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who also misstated church teachings about abortion. With the Catholic vote expected to be important this election year, politicians who support abortion but who are also catholic are squirming more than usual. And, as usual, they are making a holy mess of it.