No Show: Masterminds Behind Alleged School Attack Hide From 19 Action News Cameras

FIRST ON 19 ACTION NEWS: Cleveland, OH - The two students who planned to launch a deadly attack on St. Martin de Porres will stay locked up.

A juvenile Magistrate decided the 16-year-old boys will remain at the detention center considering the severity of the foiled attack at the inner city school.

The teens allegedly earmarked October 11th to carry out the attack - the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Cleveland's SuccessTech Academy.

Police say Jack Kilbane and Patrick Kelly planned on placing propane tanks throughout the school building. Officials found 24 empty bottles with wicks in them in one of the suspect's home.

Neither Kilbane or Kelly actually appeared before the judge Monday morning because 19 Action News refused to hide the faces of the suspects.

The teens charged and permanently suspended from school.

The school is holding a parents' meeting to talk about the alleged plot this Wednesday night.