Ohio Students Score Slightly Above Average On ACT

CLEVELAND (AP) - The average score for Ohio members of the high school class of 2002 on the ACT college entrance exam was slightly higher than the average for the nation as a whole.

Sixty-two percent of the state's 2002 graduates took the exam and averaged a composite of 21.4. The average for the nation as a whole was 20.8, down slightly from the average of 21 maintained from 1997 to 2001.

ACT Inc., a non-profit organization based in Iowa City, Iowa, said that the drop was to be expected. That's because Illinois and Colorado began requiring that all high school juniors, starting with the class of 2002, take the test whether or not they are enrolled in college-preparatory courses.

More students than ever -- 1.12 million of this year's graduates -- took the test.

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