Shot Dead: Suspected Burglar Fatally Wounded By Homeowner

NEW DETAILS: Cleveland, OH - Police are investigating after a deadly shooting in the city of Cleveland.

It happened at St. Clair & Glenside just before 3AM.

Police say a 65-year-old homeowner on St. Clair was awakened by the sound of someone breaking into an attached section of his house.

He went downstairs to investigate and saw signs that his house was being burglarized.  He returned upstairs, got dressed and grabbed his gun.

Upon returning downstairs, the homeowner confronted the burglar who fled on foot into the fenced in yard.  The homeowner followed and attempted to stop the burglar.

19 Action News has learned the homeowner - out of fear for his life - opened fire after the burglar started to advance on him.

The victim - who has yet to be identified pending family notification - is believed to be in his 40's.

The homeowner was not arrested though he is a named suspect at this time. Police seized the firearm used in the fatal shooting.