Worker In Trouble For Confrontation With Child

WILLOWICK, Ohio - A 22-year-old man is headed to court after a child told his mother that the man roughed him up at a Willowick day-care center, Action News' Paul Orlousky reported.

The man, who was an employee at the center, admitted to grabbing the child, but said that it was nothing inappropriate.

It's an incident that police have confirmed, and only Action News had the story.

When a day-care teacher told Shannon Norton that her son Dustin had a boo-boo, she didn't think twice about it until she got home and lifted his shirt.

"The teacher had actually pulled me aside and told me of an incident that had happened with my child," Norton said. "He told me it was no big deal and that he had a little boo-boo on his chest."

When Norton found marks all across Dustin's chest, neck, shoulders and arms, she said that she was horrified.

Dustin was at Little People's University in Willowick when he said that a day-care worker grabbed him. After Norton complained to police, 22-year-old Matt Segedi was questioned and issued a summons for child endangering.

Police told Action News that Segedi confessed to grabbing Dustin in frustration when the boy was disruptive, but his account and Dustin's differ greatly.

At Little People's on Wednesday, owner Dan Dejack refused to comment.

Dustin, however, did comment, telling Action News that Segedi grabbed him and pushed him into a table.

Segedi is no longer with the day care and is free on $3,500 bond. On the advice of a city prosecutor, Willowick Police refused to release his address or phone number, so Action News could not contact him for a response to the allegations.

Segedi has made no formal plea, but he will be in Willoughby Municipal Court next week.