Bumpy Night Turns Into Real Nightmare

LORAIN, Ohio - A local woman woke up to find a masked man standing over her bed holding a gun. To make things even worse, her children were asleep in another part of the house, Action News' Paul Orlousky reported.

"The man said, 'Get back in bed. Lie down. This is real. This is real,'" the robbery victim, who asked to be called Mary, said.

The incident happened at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday, when Mary woke up and saw a gun being pointed at her by a man who came in through an unlocked back door.

That's when Mary said her motherly instincts kicked in.

"My biggest worry was that he was going to hurt the children," Mary said. "I didn't want them involved.

"He was very jumpy. He wanted to make sure no one was going to surprise him."

The man forced Mary and her husband to their car and then to two ATMs to withdraw money.

"He said: 'Don't look at me. Don't look at me. I will pop you if you look at me,'" Mary recalled.

Police won't identify the victims, only saying that they lived in a two-block stretch of Amherst Avenue. The victims were so traumatized that they now fear a return of the masked man, who they fear might seek revenge against them since they reported the crime.

"We decided that since he wore gloves and since he wore a mask, we had nothing to give the police at all except risking our lives," Mary said.

Several hours later, however, they did call police, so that everyone could be warned.

"I'm not really afraid of anyone but him coming back," Mary said.

Police said it's unlikely that the victims have to worry about having been specifically targeted. They said that the unlocked door suggests that the robbery was a crime of opportunity. Still, it's enough for police to recommend locking your doors, removing opportunity for thieves.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Lorain Police Department.