Debate Offers Palin, Biden High Risks, Big Rewards

NEW YORK (AP) - The spot light on the race for the White House is shifting to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

Thursday's vice-presidential debate in St. Louis could be a pivotal moment in a race already filled with surprising twists.

Palin outlined the contest in an interview broadcast on the "CBS Evening News." The Alaska governor says she's, quote, "the new energy, the new face, the new ideas," while she says Biden has "the experience based on many, many years in the Senate."

Anchor Katie Couric asked Palin about her views on contraception, abortion, gay marriage and climate change. Palin said she supports safe and legal contraception. But she opposes the morning-after pill because of her belief that life begins at conception.

As for climate change, she says she wouldn't "solely blame all of man's activities." But Palin acknowledges, "It's real" and that something needs to be done about it.