Rescue Rage: Constituents Make Their Voices Heard Amid Market Mess


Cleveland, OH - A revised bailout package stands poised for passage ahead of a crucial Senate vote tonight.

The White House is signaling the urgency of the bill's passage. A spokesman has been outlining the economic consequences if the measure should fail. President Bush is also planning to call lawmakers today to ask for their support.

The plan for Wednesday's vote was set after leaders there agreed to add tax breaks for businesses and the middle class and increase deposit insurance in an attempt to revive the legislation rejected by the House.

But support on the street is mixed.

Some lawmakers reported a shift in constituent calls pouring into their offices. Calls and e-mails were overwhelmingly opposed to the rescue plan before Monday's vote, many offices said. But Monday's stock market dive prompted calls Tuesday from Americans furious about Congress' inaction, some said.

We want to hear what you think. Is the bailout plan necessary to prevent a financial doom and gloom scenario or are we helping the industry with their self-inflicted economic wound?

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