Editorial Response: Political Courage

Cleveland, OH - Hi, I'm Jenelle Putrino. I am responding to Bill Applegate's recent editorial on political courage.

As a lower middle class taxpayer, I want specifics as to how the bailout will help us. I view this as a quick fix to a much bigger problem. The proposed bailout appears to give no relief to the average working American taxpayer who has been struggling to make ends meet.

A lot of jobs have been outsourced to countries that do not enforce the rights of workers. We have record foreclosures and inflating costs of gasoline, groceries, utilities and healthcare. My family, along with many others, lives paycheck to paycheck. During all of this, Wall Street CEO's make hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. Now, it appears Washington is proposing to come to struggling taxpayers for a seven hundred billion dollar bailout.

Those of us at the bottom should not be asked to bailout the people at the top. As for Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Steve Latourette, I feel our voices were heard. I hope the government can find a better way to help all of us.