Advantages of Glass Block

The biggest advantage of glass block is SAFETY!

The most obvious safety advantage to a glass block window versus a traditional window is a glass block window is much harder to break. In addition to the effort required, it takes longer and it makes a lot more noise to break a glass block window.

A glass block window does a much better job of preventing water seepage and preventing drafts, saving you money on both counts. Glass block will also do a better job of reducing outside noise.

  1. Glass block can add a touch of elegance to any room.
  2. Glass block is so versatile you can have glass block windows, room dividers, and shower or bath stalls.
  3. Glass block windows provide privacy without the need for curtains, shades, or mini blinds.
  4. The house can be well illuminated without sacrificing your privacy.
  5. Daytime lighting bills can be reduced.

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