Police: People Need To Lock Up, Look Out

ELYRIA, Ohio - A rash of home invasions in Elyria over the past few months have police there telling residents to be careful, Action News reported.

Authorities advised people to lock up their homes and to look out for suspicious behavior in their neighborhoods. The warning came after six break-ins occurred in Elyria since the beginning of summer.

Masked men tied up Grace Milton and her grandson after they broke in through her basement window. Then, they put a gun to her head.

"He had the pistol back here," Milton said pointing to her head. "He clicked it, but it didn't go off.

"I told him, 'Please don't kill me. Don't kill me.'"

The thugs took off with three safes each packed with $3,000.

The grandson eventually got loose and went to a neighbor for help.

Police said that they are putting more patrols in the neighborhoods at night, but they also wanted to stress to people that they should lock their doors and windows and call the cops if they see anything unusual.