Free Flow: Traffic Once Again Moving On Innerbelt Bridge After Brief Closure

Cleveland, OH - An update on efforts to improve the safety of the Innerbelt Bridge.

The bridge was totally shut down for a few hours overnight while O-DOT crews performed stress tests.

The 19 Action News Chopper flying overhead in the pre-dawn hours as three dump trucks carrying loads of 50-60,000lbs drove over the bridge at the same time.

Engineers monitored to see what happened to the bridge's joint.

Once the data from the overnight testing is collected, the Ohio Department of Transportation will have their experts take a look and decide what to do next.

They will actually be applying it into a real-life 3D technology to determine the next step.

O-DOT hopes to be able to release an update by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The bridge is back open this hour - although not completely.

At least two lanes in both directions and four ramps remain closed in Cleveland heading West.