City Trying To Stop Rowdy Tailgaters

CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell was talking tailgating on Thursday. Specifically, she was talking about the city's new plan to stop rowdy tailgaters prior to Browns games, Action News reported.

At a news conference on Thursday morning, Campbell said that the city would try to calm things down in municipal parking lots on Browns game days. She spelled out a new plan highlighting how law enforcement officials would deal with the drunk and disorderly.

Campbell said that, while the city would bust people for disorderly conduct and enforce open-container alcohol laws, it all boils down to behavior.

"We do not intend to become the prohibition police," Campbell said. "This is about your behavior. If you're behavior causes us to look at what you got, and you have alcohol, you're going to have problems."

Campbell said that the city plans to hand out warnings if you're caught with alcohol at Friday's pre-season game at Cleveland Browns Stadium. After that, you'll get a ticket.