Metro Statement: Senior Executive Fired for Violating Ethics Code

Cleveland, OH - MetroHealth released the following statement Wednesday, October 15th following the latest in a series of FBI Raids:

We received a subpoena today from the U.S. Attorney's Office, requesting documentation as part of what appears to be an ongoing investigation of John Carroll, who was fired on July 14, 2008, after we determined that he violated our ethics policy. We believe that it is wrong for any employee to benefit from a public contract and we will not tolerate it. The subpoena also requests the records of another MetroHealth employee, Tom Greco, who formerly reported to Mr. Carroll. Mr. Greco, director of facilities services, was placed on administrative leave today. MetroHealth continues to cooperate with the U.S. Attorney's Office and will make every effort to provide the documentation requested within the two week period stipulated.

Metro released the following statement following the dismissal of a senior executive back in July:

The MetroHealth system recently received and information request for the IRS concerning the activities of MetroHealth employees that singled out the actions of a senior executive. IN the preparing a response, we conducted our own inquiry and discovered that MetroHealth maybe the victim of criminal conduct. As a result, we took it upon ourselves to report that conduct to the authorities. We immediately placed the executive on the administrative leave and took steps to ensure the important evidence is preserved.

The initial result of our internal inquiry also led us to bring in outside counsel to assure the Board and public that we conducting and objective, impartial thorough inquiry into the full extent of this matter. We are still in the process of investigating, but we have confirmed that John Carroll, vice President of Construction and Facilities, has violated our ethics policy. He was fired today effective immediately.

We also are taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. We are using this as an opportunity to reinforce our ethics policy. We will educate employees and those who work with MetoHealth in those fortified policies. We have hired a reputable professional accounting firm to serve as our internal auditor. We also reminded all employees to report to any concerns they have about possible breach of ethics to their supervisor, our anonymous tip line or directly to the CEO.

This revelation is tremendously disappointing to all of us. MetroHealth has many dedicated individuals who work hard everyday to provide life-giving and life -sustaining care to the most vulnerable members of our community. We cannot let anything or anyone stand in the way of that mission.

It is wrong for any employee to benefit personally from public contract and we will not tolerate it at any level of the organization. We will use the resources with which we are entrusted to provide the residents of Cuyahoga County with the best possible health care.