Editorial: Phony Voter Registration

Cleveland, OH - The Sixth United States Circuit Court of Appeals did the right thing this week in ordering Ohio's Secretary of State to set up a system that would verify the eligibility of tens of thousands of newly- registered voters in the state. Republicans brought the suit against Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner because there is growing evidence of voter registration fraud in Ohio's.

The chief culprit is a group called ACORN, a liberal grassroots group involved in questionable voter registration and lending issues in urban areas across the country. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is currently investigating several fraudulent acorn registrations in Cleveland including one man who was signed up to vote seventy-three times. Others showing up on ACORN voter registration forms were cartoon characters including Mickey Mouse.

The group, which has historic ties to the Obama campaign, claims the complaints are a cynical ploy by the McCcain campaign and that  anyone fraudulently registered would be discovered if they actually attempted to vote.   That may be the case if the voter were indeed Mickey Mouse---he is, after all, recognizable but for all others, the court wants proof of who they are and how many times they vote. And that's a ruling we can certainly applaud.