Inmate Charged As Woman Sentenced To Male Prison

ELYRIA, Ohio (AP) - The state prison system has decided an inmate originally jailed as a woman will serve the rest of his sentence in a prison for men.

Lemont Fullers' gender has been questioned since he entered the Lorain County jail about four months ago on a theft charge.

Fullers, 42, pleaded guilty last week to using a stolen credit card. Judge Thomas Janas of Lorain County Common Pleas County wrote two sentencing orders, one for a women's reformatory and the other for a male prison.

That left the decision to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, which decided to house Fullers with men.

Although doctors in Illinois and Lorain County had concluded Fullers was a woman, the state's decision was based on his genitals, spokeswoman Pamela Rudolph said. In jail, every inmate must be classified according to gender.

Fullers, a native of Chicago, was arrested as Carla Brenner but maintains he is a gay male with female tendencies. He has used more than 50 aliases -- some male, most female -- and has served time in 11 states, including in women's jails, for crimes such as theft and forgery.

Fullers said he fooled Lorain County jail officials at first by hiding his genitals.

He served 127 days in the Lorain County jail before pleading guilty and will serve the last 52 days of his six-month sentence in the Lorain Correctional Facility. The reception center is where men in the northern part of the state are sent before going to a more permanent prison.

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