Fired Up: Winslow Felt Like "Piece Of Meat" While Sidelined With Staph, Could Face Discipline For Comments On GM

NEW DETAILS: ESPN -  Berea, OH - Browns coach Romeo Crennel confirmed Monday that tight end Kellen Winslow was hospitalized last week with a staph infection and may discipline the Pro Bowler for comments made after Sunday's loss to the Washington Redskins.

"Sometimes the emotions of the game and the emotions of your personal situation kind of overflow," Crennel said. "So I think he probably said some things that he didn't need to talk about to the media."

Winslow spent three days in the Cleveland Clinic with the infection, which has been a problem for the Browns in recent years.

Last week, the club refused to disclose Winslow's illness. On Sunday, the 25-year-old revealed he had staph and complained about the team's handling of the situation.

"We'll investigate it and determine if anything needs to be done," Crennel said. "My policy is to keep family business in the family. So whatever I do, I do and I'm not going to broadcast it."

Crennel said they haven't determined whether a fine would be involved for Winslow's comments.

"With anybody who has staph, you're talking about your life," said Browns tight end Darnell Dinkins, the team's union representative. "It's bigger than football. It's bigger than a game.

"Other than that, Kellen is a good friend of mine, so anybody who has a condition or issue like that you want to make sure he is protected and he is healthy."

Winslow said he "felt like a piece of meat" and was disappointed general manager Phil Savage didn't check on him when he was in the hospital.

Browns kick returner Joshua Cribbs said he wasn't overly worried about a potential staph outbreak.

"It's not a concern for me, but I know the organization is doing everything it can to combat that," Cribbs said. "We had meetings about that earlier this