Here We Go!: Motorists Gear Up For More Closures, Congestion

Cleveland, OH - The Ohio Department of Transportation has reopened the E. 14th Street on ramp to 1-90 westbound amid closures of both the E 14th Street and E. 21th Street ramp to I -77 southbound.

The E. 14th Street on ramp was re-opened Wednesday morning after engineers observed traffic patterns for safely ODOT is taking this action in order to accommodate motorists and avoid additional congestion in the area

The E. 14th Street ramp to I -90 westbound will remain open for approximately two weeks or until November 5 as the slope repair project progresses

The E. 14th and 21st Street ramps as well as the left lane of the I -90 westbound ramp to I -77 southbound will remain closed for approximately two weeks or until November 5 as repairs are made. Slope issues have undermined the shoulder at the junction of the I -90 westbound to I -77 southbound ramp and I -77 northbound to 1-90 westbound ramp.

East 14th and 21st Street traffic may detour via Orange Avenue southbound to I -77 southbound.

The above mentioned ramps are critical routes while lanes are closed on the I -90 Innerbelt Bridge therefore, ODOT has accelerated the sale and construction of this project

The Ontario Street, E . 9th Street & 1-77 northbound ramps to I -90 westbound and Ontario Street ramp to 1-77 southbound remain closed following inspection of the I -90 Innerbelt Bridge.

ODOT Recommendations:

  • Use East 9th Street to enter Interstate 77.
  • Continue south on East 14th past the closed ramp, turn left on Orange and take that to the I-77 on-ramp.
  • Go east on Prospect (or Superior or Chester) to the southbound Innerbelt (I-90 west). Take that to the I-77 ramp.
  • Go east on Carnegie (or Prospect, Superior or Chester) to East 30th, then south to Orange. Turn left to the I-77 ramp.
  • Go east on Chester or another through route to East 55th, then south to I-490 west. Take that to the I-77 junction.