Toxic House: EPA Rushes Into Local Neighborhood After Mercury Spill

Cleveland, OH - Developing news out of Cleveland's Westside this hour.

The Ohio EPA on scene after a mercury spill at a double home on Woodbridge.

19 Action News has learned six ounces of mercury spilled from a glass baby food jar.

62-year-old Sam Strawber hospitalized at Metro for an unrelated illness - not exposure to the highly-toxic element. He is a Vietnam vet and a former POW.

The EPA tells 19 Action News Strawber had been playing with the mercury over the course of the summertime. A neighbor adds Strawber would put Vaseline on his hand and then play with the mercury before violently shaking his hand to rid himself of the potentially dangerous element.

The EPA detected high levels of mercury - 25 parts per billion in the lower level of the unit and six parts per billion in the upper unit.

No higher than 1 part per billion recommended for pregnant women with children.

The woman and her children who lived in the upstairs unit have been tested but have yet to receive the medical results. The EPA and health department has since cleared the family to return to their home.