Editorial: County Corruption Probe Expands

Cuyahoga County, OH - If those of us who live in Cuyahoga County somehow forget on Election Day what has been going on all summer inside county government then we have only ourselves to blame. Yet another raid last week sent FBI agents into the offices and homes of executives of the county metropolitan housing authority and also to more than a dozen contractors and developers doing business with the agency.

The feds are also looking now at the activities of former Metro Health Vice President John Carroll. This blooming corruption scandal all began, you'll recall, with raids back in July targeting bigwig Democrats Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo. By now, we can all be assured that what the feds are looking for is evidence that many of our county officials - in positions big and small - are on the take. No one has been indicted yet but there is enough suspicion surrounding democratic-controlled county government that voters ought to be cautious before once again electing officials whose leaders belong in jail.