Editorial: Truth Squad

Cleveland, OH - Negative political advertising, the kind which is now dominating the presidential race, is nothing new - it's as old as the earliest American political campaigns. But only in the last 40 years or so - with the creation of the political TV commercial - has negative advertising in a campaign reached oppressive if not downright disgusting levels.

In the current presidential campaign, every day brings a new commercial with both candidates making yet more outrageous accusations and even outright lies. Candidates can and do say almost anything they want about the other guy regardless of the truth. TV stations like this one are mostly powerless to police the veracity of the :30-spots that stations are compelled to make available to candidates.   And, so I propose a truth tribunal - an honesty committee - to be in place for the next presidential election and before which candidates agree to submit their commercials for approval prior to air. Our minds might still be numb from the constant political commercials but at least we'd know we were hearing something close to the truth.