Local Tap Water Is Catching Fire!

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – The Investigator, Tom Meyer, found that tap water in some northeast Ohio homes is actually catching fire. It's all because the water has unsafe levels of combustible gases.

North Royalton resident Geri Cheek said that the water coming out of her tap isn't safe.

"You don't drink it. You don't brush your teeth with it. You don't cook with it," Cheek said.

When Action News filled a gallon jug with Cheek's tap water and put a match to it, the water started burning.

"Our water is on fire," Cheek said. "That's not a very comforting thought, is it?"

A federal report obtained by Action News concluded that there is an urgent public health hazard in Cheek's North Royalton neighborhood. Investigators found unsafe levels of combustible gases, including methane, in some of the private wells on Cady Road.

"With the high percentage of methane we have, the house could blow up," Cheek said.

Investigators found that gas levels in some homes could cause adverse health effects too.

Toni Temple said she was getting so sick that she had to move out of her Cady Road home and relocate to a home in Parma Heights.

"My doctor ordered me out of the house on Cady Road because I was blacking out from the gas fumes and because I was very sick there all the time," Temple said. "I was mental. I couldn't remember, couldn't concentrate. I had nausea, dizziness."