For Life: Convicted Cop Killer Will Spend the Rest Of His Life Behind Bars


Cleveland, OH - A convicted cop killer sentenced to life in prison today following a brief reprieve.

The jury in the Lamidi Kafaru case deadlocked while deliberating whether the 19-year-old should be sentenced to death row or prison for killing Cleveland Officer Derek Owens.

The stalemate resulted in the judge throwing out the death penalty and dismissing jurors last week.

The judge was the one to sentence Kafaru to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Officer Owens shot and killed in the line of duty last February during a foot chase.

This, after Owens and his partner caught Kafaru and some friends drinking in an abandoned garage.

36-year-old Owens was a ten-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department, a husband and father of two young children when he was slain.