Hopkins Moving Security To Sell More Food

CLEVELAND (AP) - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport plans to move its security checkpoints to improve concession sales.

City Council on Monday night approved legislation that moves the checkpoints near the ticket counters so nearly all shops and restaurants will be in the secure area.

The checkpoints now are located at the entrances of the three concourses, which house the boarding gates and passenger waiting areas.

Airport officials said that passengers often rush to go through security, fearing delays, and bypass the shops and restaurants in Hopkins' atrium and main corridor. After they pass security, they are limited to the shops on their concourse.

Construction on the new checkpoints will begin next month and be finished by November. The $500,000 cost will be paid for by leftover money from a previous airport bond issue.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will pay for the additional security equipment used to screen passengers at the new checkpoints.

Higher concession sales at Hopkins could help lower operating costs for airlines. Money to run the airport comes from a combination of landing fees paid by the airlines and income from concessions and parking.

"This is something that is well thought-out and addresses the changing behavior of airport users," said Councilman Jay Westbrook, chairman of the Aviation Committee.

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